Create the right product assortment for your business

You must develop the right product assortment and placement to draw the consumers you seek and keep them loyal.

There is so much to consider when creating retail planograms that satisfy shoppers and result in sales. But some manufacturers don’t have enough people-power to analyze the market data and produce the account-specific planograms that their retail customers request. There are also some retailers and wholesalers who need support to create sensible sets that will resonate with their shoppers.

Without the right product assortment in place, customers don’t find what they are looking for, retailers lose register rings, salable SKUs stagnate in distribution centers, and brands’ profits dwindle.

With our experience, analytics, and instinct, we are a seamless extension to any retailer’s, wholesaler’s, or manufacturer’s category management team. Our product and category experts have worked on developing assortments and creating planograms across many retail channels including drug, home improvement, convenience, and mass for OTC and personal care products, durable goods, food and beverage, and beyond.

We are well practiced at interpreting raw data and employing our knowledge of the various retail markets and channels along with consumer preferences and trends to assemble profitable assortments for retailers and distributors with thoughtful shelf placement, as well as intuitive department adjacencies based on shopper insights. Retailers have also set us up as approved vendors and send their suppliers to us for accurate schematics.

Manufacturers utilize these services to help determine the category, channel, retailers, and/or departments that are best suited for their success. We’ve even been asked to train teams on the science of product placement and the use of space management tools.



The same processes we’ve used to power our planogram and retail pricing programs for the independent pharmacy channel for nearly 40 years can be leveraged for other retail channels.


A good planogram is the bedrock of in-store success and is a critical part of the toolbox for retailers, brand manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. We provide planograms that are realistic, efficient, and effective.


When developing a retail pricing strategy, just guessing can cause you to leave money on the table. You must consider regional pricing differences, pricing parity, line or family pricing, product positioning (value vs. premium), and channel variations. 

If you could use assortment planning support, contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll craft a solution that works for you and your budget.

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