Random Acts of Kindness: Spreading joy

December 15, 2017By Behind the Shelf Blog, Random Acts of Kindness blog series

By Lisa Lopez, data assets manager, for our Random Acts of Kindness blog series

2016 was my second year participating in HRG’s Random Acts of Kindness Challenge. I chose to get involved again because it’s great to be able to give back and help those in need.

While out Christmas shopping, I was at a store that was selling candy bars that would be sent to the troops. I’m always thankful to those protecting our country and their sacrifice is much appreciated, so purchasing some candy bars was my first act of kindness.

In 2015, I had used some of my RAOK money to buy hats and gloves for kids. I decided to do that again last year because I hate to think of any children being cold, especially in a typical Wisconsin winter.winter hat and mittens

My most impactful experience this year was while I was out with my husband at breakfast. We saw a family in the restaurant that had a newborn baby. It looked to be the new parents and maybe one of the sets of grandparents. I thought it was really nice to see them celebrating together. I decided to put the last of my money toward their bill. I walked over to their table and offered my congratulations on their new baby and explained how HRG gives us money to perform random acts of kindness and how I wanted to give them what I had left toward their breakfast. In return I received hugs and an explanation of the situation. It was the grandparents and it was actually their last meal with their children and new grandchild before they headed back home. Saying goodbye is never easy, and I felt good that I perhaps added some joy to a difficult farewell.