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Personalizing patient care can improve customer loyalty

by Kyle Lentz, category analyst

The Incontinence category currently ranks #7 in terms of dollar sales for independent drug. That’s down from #5 in 2017. This can be partially attributed to the discontinuation of several unisex products from major manufacturers like Kimberly-Clark. These items have been replaced by gender-specific products designed to provide better comfort and fit.

  • According to a major incontinence product manufacturer, people entering the category will try five products before they find the right one. When they do, they are 80% brand loyal. Use shelf signs to promote your best sellers. You may help your customers narrow down their search by pointing out the most popular products among your shoppers. Additionally, because these products are bulky and take up a large amount of shelf space, consider offering to order larger quantities specifically for customers on a timeline that matches their normal prescription pick up schedule. Personalizing care improves customer loyalty to your store.
  • It is important to carry a variety of protective products from light to heavy coverage to fit the different requirements of your shopper. It is equally important to have the ability to discreetly educate and counsel your shoppers to ensure they have the right product for their need.
  • Review and update your shelves to match your planogram. This is a price-sensitive category, and we have included popular brands that produce higher unit movement and generate profits for your Incontinence department.

*TEMPS® data, latest 52 weeks, as compiled by HRG. Diabetes Care sales are not included in this calculation due to its high dollar volume.