Put your product in the hands of important purchase influencers

You probably are already aware that nearly 40% all U.S. pharmacies are independently owned, meaning they make their own buying decisions.

Without a central “chain” headquarters to distribute information, reaching these disparate independent decision-makers can be a problem for some brands. You need a cost-effective way to influence pharmacists on a large scale with a message that resonates with them as both healthcare professionals and business owners.

Some brands can afford to make a splash with a standalone sampling program to 20,000 stores and we are happy to help them execute that. Yet others need a more affordable option that gets their product into the hands of carefully-selected purchase influencers without breaking the bank. Reach 10,000 independent pharmacies with your brand message in IN.depth Product Sampler, a co-op mailing program that invites pharmacies to request samples of the products advertised. Around 14% of stores request our sample box after each Product Sampler issue is deployed, and we’ve found that allowing a pharmacist to try a product themselves or share with a patient can be the key to success for some brands.

In a recent survey to pharmacies that receive IN.depth,

  • 87% indicated that they order a product advertised in IN.depth and do so within a month of receiving this issue,
  • 61% indicated that they would order three or more of the products they received as samples, and
  • 80% indicated that for one or more products, this was their first exposure to the item.

Effortlessly and affordably put your product right in the hands of important purchase influencers! We’ll help you craft your message to this unique audience, and we’ll even take care of sample fulfillment.

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