Three smart solutions to influence these important influencers

You’re probably already aware that almost 40% of all pharmacies nationwide are independently owned, but do you know how to reach them with your brand message? HRG offers three options that can be used in conjunction with one another or individually: direct mail, electronic mail, or our IN.depth family of publications. All three are an effective way for brands to influence independent and small chain pharmacists, front-end managers, and other decision-makers with their message.

IN.depth Publications


This established publication reaches 10,000 carefully-selected independent pharmacies each month. Every issue focuses on a different topic or theme, plus periodic sampling programs are available throughout the year.

Category Spotlight

Showcase your brand in these issues that emphasize one or two categories or a merchandising theme and are timed to reach independents as they plan their assortment for the category.

Product Sampler

Our most popular publication is the best way to persuade independent pharmacies that they need to stock your product by placing your brand directly into their hands. 

For a list of all of the issue topics, dates, prices, and specifications, download the IN.depth media kit below. The calendar provides an at-a-glance view of each of the issue topics, space reservation deadlines, and publish dates. 

2022 IN.depth Media Kit       2022 IN.depth Calendar

2021 IN.depth Media Kit                  2021 IN.depth Calendar

Direct Mail


Direct mailers dedicated to your brand(s) can provide the right amount of “real estate” you need to convince stores to stock and recommend your items. Here are some key reasons to add direct mailers to your independent pharmacy initiatives:

  • Influence up to 20,000 stores
  • Micro-target by geography, demographics, regional preferences, proximity to healthcare professionals, and more
  • Distribute samples, coupons, or shelf signs; promote special offers

Electronic Mail (eBlasts)


Get your message out quickly, either as part of a campaign, or around a specific, time-sensitive topic. With unlimited links and ability to track engagement, eBlasts are an affordable way to reach up to 15,000 independent pharmacies.

  • Provide a custom message based on your objective
  • Share timely communications with a clickable call-to-action
  • Measure ROI

Reaching pharmacies seven times, seven different ways is the best way to solidify recognition of your brand. Contact us to get started today.