by Dave Wendland

Countless times I’ve sat across the table from enthusiastic manufacturers eager to jump into the market with their latest whiz-bang product. I’ve listened politely as they described how the product was conceived and the rigors they have endured to find a production partner, design an initial prototype package concept, and plow through a horde of letters from consumers who have benefited from the revolutionary new item.

Then, I ask one question that quiets the room, “Is the product really market ready?”

Honestly, I never intend for that to be an off-putting question. Rather, I am genuinely interested in helping manufacturers chart a navigable course to success with the launch of their brand. Here’s a snapshot of key questions taken helping manufacturers chart a navigable course from HRG’s proprietary product launch methodology, Concept through Commercialization™.

What type of product launch are you embarking on?

  • Early-stage product
  • Existing brand
  • Expanding portfolio

Have you done enough homework in advance of your launch?

  • Market need
  • Competitive landscape
  • Consumer interest
  • Channel strategy

How will you drive interest in your brand?

  • Product packaging
  • Shelf placement
  • Product pricing strategy
  • Initial product trial
  • Promotional tactics

What are your plans to support the brand in the future?

  • Promotional strategies
  • Brand line extensions
  • Strategic partners/alliances

Careful preparation for launch and ensuring market readiness are essential to the success of any product introduction.

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