Monthly Retailer Category Tips — Skin Care and Health Supports & Compression Supports

July 12, 2022By Behind the Shelf Blog, Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Monthly Retailer Category Tips, Resources focused on Independent Pharmacy

Signage can help inform customers and cross-sell 

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Skin Care

by Cat Renwick, merchandising analyst

Of the recent hand & body moisturizers & treatments launched, almost half are therapeutic.* As consumers strive to be healthy both inside and out, manufacturers continue to launch innovative, premium products to meet this growing demand. Add a sign near therapeutic moisturizers and treatments pointing customers to where they can find therapeutic bath products — a logical companion product type and perfect opportunity to cross-sell and increase profits.

Facial and body acne medications is the second-best performing subcategory in skin care in independent pharmacy.* Among brands, Differin represents almost 45% of product performance in the overall subcategory. Panoxyl is not far behind at 37%. Differen offers a variety of different treatment options — carry a variety of Differen forms to meet customer needs and capitalize on this top-selling brand.

Health Supports & Compression Supports

by Kyle Lentz, category analyst

The health supports & compression support departments can be overwhelming and even confusing for consumers who suddenly are in need up these types of solutions. Learn about the potential uses of the various product types you carry so you can recommend the appropriate product to your customers. This will provide your pharmacy a point of difference as self-treatment continues to grow. Position a sign within the department instructing them to seek out the help of the pharmacist for proper fitting, as well as a sizing chart and tape measure for customers choosing to fit themselves.

*Source: HRG’s proprietary Tri-PAC™ data