Maximize the shoppability and profitability in pain relief

By Tara Kaifesh, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Pain Relief continues to be a top five category and one of the most important for independent pharmacy. This category contributes 8.75% of OTC dollar sales and private label products are the sales leaders. These items offer higher-than-average margins, and your customers expect to find a wide variety of them on your shelves.

  • The hottest subcategory from 2016, external pain relief, is still popular in 2017. New product entries continue to flood the market. The most innovative new items are creams and patches that include lidocaine to desensitize aggravated nerves and numb away pain. As this subcategory continues to grow in importance, review your selected planogram and add these category growth drivers to your department.
  • Another area of growth among new items is the children’s pain and fever relief subcategory. Over the past two years, Hamacher has added eight new items to the subcategory. In 2017, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) launched five new Tylenol® items for infants or children, as well as Children’s Motrin®, which have been added to the planograms. As popular as private label is in this category, it’s important to add these recognizable brands into your assortment to provide your customers with choices.
  • Because Pain Relief is such an important category for independent drug, we recommend you set your planogram as soon as possible to avoid missing sales. In particular, if you haven’t already moved motion sickness items to your digestive health department, go back to your September TEMPS® planogram to make that update. Also, order any missing private label products you are not currently carrying, as well as new product offerings, to maximize the shoppability and profitability of this very important category.
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