Driving sales in your Oral Care department

by Brett Lentz, merchandising analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

New items continue to drive sales and consumer trends in Oral Care. Depending on the size of the TEMPS® planogram you receive, up to 10 new items are included in the assortment.

  • The interdental, floss & gum care subcategory has experienced a significant percentage decline due to the discontinuation of products; however, many of the remaining products in the subcategory are profitable and still in demand. Follow your planogram to ensure you have the best assortment of these products to maximize profitability in this top-three Oral Care subcategory.oral care implements
  • Toothpaste & treatments has seen an increase as more consumer needs are being met. Whether it’s toothpaste for whitening, sensitivity, gum care, flavor, etc., this variety ensures that a large percentage of consumers will be satisfied across all segments. Carry the products that your customer base demands. Review your sales reports to determine if more beauty or condition types of toothpastes and treatments are purchased and ask your shoppers about their preferences so you stock the products that support their needs.
  • Around 51 million Americans suffer from dry mouth. Consumers have multiple options to fight the condition such as toothpastes, mouthwash, sprays, gels, lozenges, and even gum has recently entered the market. This mix of different product types justifies the continuous growth of the oral remedies subcategory. The number of consumers that experience dry mouth will continue to grow. You can help your shoppers by counseling them to determine which product and form will best suit their lifestyle and ease their symptoms.