Monthly Retailer Category Tips — Oral Care 2018

May 14, 2018By Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Independent Pharmacy, Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Pay attention to these areas of your oral care department

by Michele Feldner, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Oral Care is a top ten category at independent pharmacies, contributing 5.9% of dollar sales for HBW.

  • According to IRI data ending 9/10/17, Private Label contributes 8.7% of category sales and continues to grow across multiple segments. Make sure you are taking advantage of private label oral care items your wholesaler offers to benefit from the higher profit margins and penny profits these products offer over national brands.
  • Over 50% of profit and dollar sales are from the interdental floss and gum care and oral remedies subcategories.1 With such a significant percentage of dollars generated from these segments, it’s very important to keep them fully stocked so you don’t disappoint any shoppers or miss out on sales. Additionally, make the most of cross-merchandising products such as breath sprays from these popular sections to increase impulse purchases in other areas of your store.
  • Specialty oral rinses, such as dry mouth treatments and mouth sore rinses have average profit margins ranging between 38.3% - 46.4% and are performing extremely well within the independent channel. Dry mouth is a side effect of many prescriptions; when a patient picks up one of these medications, inform them of this side effect and that there are several options to lessen that symptom. Your patients will be grateful for the recommendation, and it will likely result in a purchase.

1 Hamacher Resource Group Wholesaler Withdrawal Data ended 9/30/17