Balance your beauty and therapeutic hair care offerings to maximize sales

by Kyle Lentz, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

The beauty shampoos, conditioners & hair treatments subcategory is number one in Hair Care based on the sheer volume of items reporting sales, contributing over 36% of category sales.*woman with reddish hair

  • The top-selling items within independent drug continue to be the therapeutic shampoos, conditioners, and hair & scalp treatments.* Eleven of HRG’s top 15 items in Hair Care come from the therapeutic subcategory. Be sure this section of your department is fully stocked and reference your Never Outs® list to make sure you’ve got the best overall performing therapeutic items.
  • Hair coloring trends change like the weather. In 2020, look for silver to be the hot color. Silver blonde and silver lilac are at the forefront of this trend among younger shoppers. Warm, caramel colored highlights are also in fashion along with rich reds and shadow roots. If hair coloring products sell well in your store, it’s important to stay on top of trends like these to keep the category fresh. Adding trendy items may also be an opportunity to attract younger shoppers and broaden your customer base.
  • Several manufacturers made packaging changes this year, and they are reflected in your TEMPS® planogram. Position any new packaging behind the old to sell through existing items first. Take any shopworn packages and mark them down for a faster sell through. Hair Care is a beauty category and the appearance of new colorful packaging will stimulate shopper interest.

* Source: Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. — Wholesaler Withdrawal — 52 weeks and HRG compiled manufacturer research