by Cat Renwick, merchandising analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Promote hair care products online and in-store to bring attention to unique offerings at your store.

  • There is an important trend developing — skin care ingredients are making their way into hair care products. These ingredients include: hyaluronic acid, biotin, keratin, ceramides, and more. Consumers spend additional dollars to keep up with trends especially within the beauty categories of hair and skin care, so it’s important to keep your hair care product assortment fresh. Promote trending hair care products on your website and social media channels to attract new shoppers to your store.Hair care concept
  • Therapeutic hair care sales are down slightly due to a major brand’s product temporarily being unavailable. With supply chain issues as an ongoing challenge, product outages will likely continue. When product outages occur, point your customers to appropriate substitute products, especially if they are private label, where your per item profitability is typically higher and customers won’t have to compromise on quality. Steer customers to these solutions by using signage in the department and highlight substitutions on your website, especially if you have an e-commerce site.
  • Looking for a way to build sales and satisfy consumer needs? Consider creating a “therapeutic” endcap with products from hair care, skin care, first aid, and other appropriate categories. Connect with local dermatologists to learn what products are most recommended and used by their patients and add them to your assortment. When the dermatologist refers those patients to your store, they’ll have an easy “one-stop-shop” area to find the products they use.