It’s time to refresh your First Aid department

by Tara Kaifesh, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

No matter the age, gender, or race, minor cuts, scrapes, or burns are inevitable, which is why the First Aid category has consistently ranked in the top 10 departments in independent pharmacies based on dollar sales.*

  • The wound and surgical dressings, wound treatments and skin relief, and itch treatments subcategories contribute almost 72% of category sales.* These subcategories are critical for store sales. Improve the profitability of your department by following your TEMPS® planogram for the appropriate assortment of private label products which offer higher margins and your customers an economical alternative. Private label is the number one brand in the First Aid category.*First Aid kit
  • You’ll notice in your TEMPS flowgram that topical antibiotics and antimicrobials are positioned adjacent to liquid bandages to help capitalize on impulse purchases. Both subcategories are frequented by the same shopper, so positioning them close to one another creates a one-stop shopping experience for your customer.
  • First Aid is a confusing category to shop with many subcategories that fulfill different needs. Leading off each subcategory with easily identifiable national brands like Cortizone-10®, Neosporin®, and BAND-AID®, and using signage to clearly differentiate these segments, will help lessen the frustration at shelf.


* Source: Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. — Wholesaler Withdrawal — 52 weeks