Pay attention to the lifestyle needs of your feminine care shoppers

by Holly Ockelmannmerchandising analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

When it comes to Feminine Care, the biggest trend our analysts are seeing is women are looking for products that work with their active lifestyles and eliminate the stigma surrounding vaginal health. Use these tips to refresh your Feminine Care department to meet these growing needs.

  • The natural trend has found its way into Feminine Care as women of all ages are looking for products that are free of dyes, fragrances, toxins, and chemicals. Procter & Gamble has introduced Pure by Always® and Pure by Tampax®. Add these new products to your pharmacy shelves to provide your shoppers natural options from popular brands.
  • Compact and “on-the-go” products are growing segments within the category. Manufacturers continue to launch new items to meet this demand. Summer’s Eve® introduced flushable cleansing cloths, and Vagisil® has introduced the first dry wash for freshness on the go. Check your TEMPS® New Item Alert to learn about the latest convenience items coming to market and which ones will meet your customer demand.
  • Most women use more than one type of menstrual product. Just over half wear multiple products at the same time, with one third doing so during every period. The most common combination is tampons and pantiliners. Make sure your assortment offers a variety of forms for your female shoppers to select from, and offer private label items for more economical and profitable options.