Monthly Retailer Category Tips — Feminine Care

June 15, 2020By Behind the Shelf Blog, Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Monthly Retailer Category Tips

These new feminine care products will drive shoppers to your store

by Holly Ockelmann, merchandising analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Add innovative products to drive customers to your store and increase sales.

  • Feminine protection has been on the decline since fewer women are using sanitary protection due to diminishing demand, with more women entering menopause life stage, and the use of oral contraceptives to shorten menstrual cycle time. One way to counteract this is to expand your shelf space to accommodate the growth in the feminine personal care category with washes, wipes, sprays, and creams to help fill the gaps created by the slower performance of sanitary protection. This will increase conversion rate, basket size, and customer loyalty.
  • Women are more health conscious than ever, and it is important to offer products that consistently deliver on their needs and expectations. Compact and “on-the-go” products Group of womencontinue to drive sales. Included in your TEMPS® planogram are new launches of “on-the-go” and “in-the-shower” versions of anti-odor and prevention products in dry wash, wipes, and shower wash. Consider your shopper demographics and review your sales reports to help determine the amount of space to dedicate to these products in your department so you can capitalize on these trends.
  • There is a new line of natural supplements developed specifically to help women with physical and emotional symptoms due to monthly hormonal fluctuations. AZO® Happy Cycle (UPC 78765176019) and AZO Cycle Care & Comfort (UPC 78765176020) are two products that HRG awarded two and one Stars respectively and should be added to your assortment. Additionally, Ocean Spray® released Cranberry +health™ cranberry supplement (UPC 03120002398) to address urinary tract health, which was also awarded a HRG Star. Merchandise these items in the personal care section of your department. These well-known brands will drive shoppers to your store and grow category sales.