Stock the eye & ear care products your customers demand

by Kelly Zygowskijunior category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Eye & Ear Care is a top ten category in sales at independent pharmacies*. Be prepared to assist shoppers of this department by educating yourself about the various solutions and stocking the products your customers demand.

  • Dry eye is a top-performing segment and continues to grow. Prescriptions, diseases, surgeries, and increased screen time contribute to the prevalence of dry eyes. Pharmacists are one of the top sources for eye care recommendations. When helping your customers with prescriptions, disease management or recovery, be aware of side effects, such as dry eye, and make recommendations for appropriate products. Helping your customers and gaining their trust will ensure their loyalty and repeat purchases.Woman's eyes
  • Premium products continue to drive category growth. In the last few years, SYSTANE® and REFRESH® have launched products that protect against tear evaporation in all three layers of the tear film. These products have experienced rapid growth and surpassed sales of many of the core top performers in the category. Allergan recently launched REFRESH RELIEVA™ PF, a preservative-free formula, and LUMIFY® has quickly grown, bringing new users to the category for beauty purposes. Educate yourself so you can consult with customers who are looking for these more specialized products and will seek your knowledge about use.
  • There are a lot of changes coming in eye care! SYSTANE is going through a package update, and VISINE is in the process of relaunching their products with new formulations, UPCs, claims, and packaging. As you check your department for expired items, rotate older items to the front of shelf to ensure sell-through. SYSTANE and REFRESH have relaunched their nighttime dry eye ointments with new packaging to relieve the supply interruptions experienced in the past.

* Source: Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. — Wholesaler Withdrawal — 52 weeks and HRG compiled manufacturer research