by Tara Kaifesh, category analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Take time to review your digestive health department and make the recommended updates listed below.

  • Digestive health issues and stress levels have risen due in part to financial instability and uncertainty about the future. Heartburn, nausea, and indigestion are common digestive symptoms of increased stress levels; more people needing to address these symptoms have led to strong growth within acid controllers and antacid tabs and caps. TUMS® and Private Label brands continue to be the industry leaders in antacid tabs and caps, while Pepcid® is growing and Private Label is performing strong in acid controllers. Keep appropriate stock levels for these  products to ensure you meet customer demand. digestive health
  • During the pandemic, consumers have become increasingly aware of immune system health and its importance. What the consumer may not know is that the human gut makes up 70% of the immune system*. Having a healthy gut microbiome is an integral part of a healthy immune system, and probiotics taken regularly can introduce healthy bacteria strains. Keeping up to date on the latest probiotic products and strains and recommending them will build trust with your customers and grow your sales and profits.
  • Back on the market after more than a year away, the new Zantac 360°™ is reformulated with famotidine as the active ingredient. As Zantac 360° now utilizes the same active ingredient as Pepcid, ensure that shelf space is made available adjacent to Pepcid and private label famotidine to accommodate its return. Your HRG TEMPS planogram indicates proper shelf placement and space allocation, however, if you are not a TEMPS® customer, be sure to add Zantac 360°to your assortment as indicated above. If your customers come in looking for it and it isn’t on the shelf, they will go elsewhere to purchase it.