Monthly Retailer Category Tips — Diabetes Care 2019

October 11, 2019By Assortment Planning and Placement, Behind the Shelf Blog, Focus on the Pharmacy Front End Blog, Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Offer your diabetes customers solutions for all of their needs

by Kyle Lentzcategory analyst, part of Monthly Retailer Category Tips

Diabetes Care is the top category in sales at independent pharmacies and the disease affects approximately 30 million individuals. Take time to ensure you have the products and services to meet all of your diabetes customers’ needs.

  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), new cases of diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. decreased by 35% since a peak in 2009, the first sign that efforts to stop the nation’s diabetes epidemic are working. Doctors and pharmacists are on the front line when it comes to preventative measures and diagnosing the factors associated with pre-diabetes. The CDC offers intuitive training opportunities for healthcare professionals as well as ways to refer your patients to one of the CDC’s proven lifestyle change programs geared towards stopping the progress of Type 2 diabetes. Have a look at the following link and start the process of better health for your patients:
  • There is a great deal of consolidation in the diabetes supply market. Manufacturers are moving in the direction of offering a limited amount of options when it comes to blood glucose monitors and are hoping users of older meters will trade up to the latest technology. Newer meters offer more options for testing, hold a greater number of test results, and can communicate results to a patient’s physician or healthcare provider. Take time to understand these new meter options so you are able to train your customers on their features.
  • Diabetes is a disease that affects the entire body and can cause a multitude of devastating side effects. Offer your customers products that are geared toward the needs of a diabetes patient including socks, foot care products, sugar-free foods, eye vitamins, and cough & cold medications that are free from harmful ingredients.