Miami-Luken to Roll Out HRG’s TEMPS Category Manager Program

September 17, 2015By News

Waukesha, Wisconsin –September 17, 2015 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG), and long-time client, Miami-Luken are preparing to roll out HRG’s TEMPS® Category Manager program to Miami-Luken’s independent pharmacies later this year. Miami-Luken has been using elements of the program for several years including the new item and pricing information, but will be taking advantage of all the program has to offer going forward.

TEMPS Category Manager is a robust tool that guides independent pharmacies in choosing their product assortment, creating the correct category adjacencies, properly merchandising brands, and pricing items for profitability. The program also provides in-store promotional materials to highlight new items that meet a market need. Additionally, stores are provided with New Item Review which highlights products recently introduced that meet HRG’s criteria for its Star Rating System, and includes HRG’s Never Outs® item list of best-selling health, beauty, and wellness products that stores should always have in stock to capitalize on sales.

“As our market continues to expand, our stores will benefit in several ways from taking full advantage of TEMPS,” stated Anthony Rattini, president of Miami-Luken. “To have these tools to reference will make managing the front-of-store much easier and less time-consuming. Following the proper assortment selection, merchandising, pricing, and promotion, they should see an impact on their bottom line as front-end sales improve.”

The two companies have worked together for many years and HRG will be presenting CE sessions again at Miami-Luken’s Smart Pharmacy Conference, September 20-21, in Cincinnati, OH. “Miami-Luken is a great partner and we’re glad we can further benefit them and their stores with this expansion of service,” said Tom Boyer, director of national accounts and member of the owners group.  “TEMPS is a multi-faceted program, and if followed, can have a positive impact on front-end operations and sales.”

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