Increasing the market basket: cross-merchandising in the cold & allergy department

July 5, 2017By News


July 5, 2017 — Hamacher Resource Group (HRG) is introducing a new infographic series to help community pharmacies maximize sales. Increasing the Market Basket — Ideas for Cross-Selling Merchandise, offers suggested complementary items to add to front-end health, beauty, and wellness departments as space is available to improve the shopper experience and increase impulse purchases. HRG category analysts developed lists of items from other categories that would be helpful in alleviating symptoms associated with the condition(s) or illness(es) the chosen department addresses. Cross-merchandising adds another level of convenience for shoppers who may not be feeling their best, and facilitates easy add-on sales.

The first department featured in the series is cold & allergy. Analysts identified products such as allergy eye drops and hand sanitizer as good additions to the cold & allergy department when room is available.

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