Target a thriving channel with your natural brand message

To grow your brand, you need to make sure your product is available where people shop. 

Some natural brands only target big box stores or natural grocers. But the risk with this approach is missing out on a large audience that also carries natural products — independent pharmacies, where millions of people shop every day for their prescription, wellness, and beauty needs.

There’s this myth going around that the independent pharmacy is dying, but the truth is they are thriving at 20,000+ strong. We reach 10,000 carefully-selected stores with our IN.depth Natural Spotlight and Product Sampler issues. Pharmacies trust us to provide them with important information about the natural segment so they can grow their business in this profitable niche.

Think of how many more consumers you can reach when the trusted independent pharmacist stocks and recommends your product. But they can’t stock it if they don’t know about it.

Highlight how your brand can benefit their customers and bottom line. Attain maximum exposure by appearing in one or more of the following issues:

IN.depth Natural Spotlight: By advertising in Natural Spotlight, your item will be top of mind when these autonomous decision makers choose which natural wellness and personal care items to add to their assortment.

IN.depth Product Sampler: Who doesn’t like to “try before you buy”? Pharmacy owners are no exception — in a survey of pharmacists receiving IN.depth, 88% indicated that they would order one or more of the products they received as samples. Product Sampler features your natural products alongside other brands and invites independent pharmacies to request a box of product samples. We take care of fulfillment, so your participation is nearly effortless!

Contact us to determine how you can increase exposure in this hard-to-reach channel.