HRG’s Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Spurs a Blog Series

March 1, 2016By Acts of Kindness, News, Random Acts of Kindness blog series


Waukesha, Wisconsin – March 1, 2016 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG) capped off its charitable outreach in 2015 with a Random Acts of Kindness challenge that has evolved into a blog series for the company. The series kicks off with a blog post from the company’s president and leader of the owner’s group, Dawn Vogelsang, who shares her appreciation for how the campaign garnered much greater rewards than expected.

HRG’s human resources department sent an email to associates to gauge interest in the Random Acts of Kindness challenge in late November, and over half of the company signed up. Those employees were each given $30.00 in cash to use in random acts of kindness. The challenge kicked off on December 1, 2015 and was initially intended to end on December 11, 2015, but HRG associates have continued the initiative into the New Year.

Associates were asked to document how they distributed the money and share it with the other participants. “The stories that associates were sharing were so thoughtful and inspirational that we decided to share their experiences through a blog series,” said Vogelsang. “Since the spirit of giving was so contagious around our building, we hope by sharing these individual stories we inspire kindness and good deeds to keep this goodwill going.”

Many associates were inspired to contribute their own money to committing additional random acts of kindness the rest of the month, and the fundraising for a couple of families in need that were brought forward during the challenge carried on this year.

“Giving back to our community has always been a core value of HRG and our associates never fail to impress me with their generosity,” said Vogelsang. “This campaign was exceptional and the creativity and compassion displayed throughout illustrates the kind of employees we have here, which is a large reason we feel this company is so special.”

The series will be featured as a part of HRG’s Behind the Shelf blog. Associates that participated in the challenge will write the posts, sharing their first-hand experiences and perspectives.

In addition to the Random Acts of Kindness challenge, in 2015 HRG held month-long campaigns to raise funds for breast cancer in October and men’s health in November. The company also provided support to the Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour, and donated funds to thirteen area charities that were suggested by associates.

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