HRG Reveals the Top Five Growth Categories in Independent Pharmacy

February 18, 2015By News

February 24, 2015 — Hamacher Resource Group (HRG) has completed research to unveil the top five categories poised for continued growth in the independent pharmacy channel. HRG’s Category Research & Analysis department studied the company’s proprietary community pharmacy velocity data from the last ten years as well as IRi Drug and MULO unit sales reports from recent years to uncover which health, beauty, and wellness (HBW) categories have sustained growth at independent pharmacy. Diabetes care, cold & allergy, skin care, oral care, and baby care show strong five year trends and stand out as opportunities for growth.

HRG developed infographics to showcase the categories that are performing well and highlight which categories and subcategories have outperformed in independent pharmacies over chain drug stores. Infographics were created for each of the five growth categories, as well as an overview infographic that depicts the top eleven categories that independents should focus on to help them grow front-end sales.

The infographics can be found on HRG’s website alongside the HDMA infographics HRG created for the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) that also feature data and information that illustrate the great potential in the independent pharmacy channel.

“This research will help us advise our supplier, retailer, and distributor clients of emerging opportunities in independent pharmacy,” said Dawn Vogelsang, HRG president and majority owner. “It’s great to see the independent pharmacy channel continue to evolve.”

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