HRG Launches Retail IN.tell Base

March 10, 2021By News

Waukesha, Wisconsin — March 10, 2021 — HRG is introducing a new service, Retail IN.tell Base, for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other retail industry organizations in the health, beauty, and wellness (HBW) space to facilitate data-driven decisions. Retail IN.tell Base is powered by HRG’s proprietary Tri-PAC™ data, and offers a unique view of product performance and distribution across the drug channel. Visitors can explore the site, view sample reports, and request access to the data. Once a login and password are secured, users can generate reports and use the data to build strong sales and marketing strategies, as well as garner category performance.

Retail IN.tell Base has three options: Category Snapshot, Data Hub, and Custom Reporting. When the Category Snapshot is chosen, customers select the categories of interest and download reports containing data down to the four-digit Fine Line (product type) level. Customers that are interested in specific subcategories can use the Data Hub to generate raw data reports at the SKU level. Custom reports are dictated by the customer’s particular needs and goals. Tri-PAC data and Data Hub reports are updated monthly, and Category Snapshot reports are refreshed bi-monthly.

The easy-to-use site offers data to help companies grow their business at the click of a button. The Category Snapshot data can be used to assist in building or positioning a brand or to discover category trends within the independent pharmacy channel. The Data Hub information can be used to track distribution, uncover sales trends, and follow movement. Users can choose from twenty-two data points to gather a robust data set that includes product performance by subcategory.

“Reliable, accurate data is critical in decision-making, and staying on top of trends and changes in the rapidly-advancing retail industry is more important than ever,” said Julie Bonnell, vice president operations at HRG. “Retail IN.tell Base is an easy way for those in the retail supply chain to receive current views of how HBW products and categories are performing so they can apply that knowledge to their strategies in close to real time.”

Bonnell continued, “We’ve been a trusted resource for data and analytics for decades, and Tri-PAC is the latest step in our evolution of providing accurate, up-to-date retail industry data. Our exclusive Tri-PAC data is a blended, weighted performance calculation using three sources of data. The resulting ranking is derived from warehouse withdrawal, POS scan, and drug channel syndicated data to provide insight into performance across the drug retail segment. There are endless ways this data can be applied to help a business set objectives to capitalize on opportunities, position against competitors, or anticipate change.”

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