Buyer presentation

The most important 20 minutes of your year

The meeting is on the calendar — your chance to sell wholesale or retail buyers on your products. You need a presentation that is concise, targeted, logical, and easy-to-understand that tells the buyer a compelling story about why they should consider your brand. Sounds easy enough, right? Maybe, until you discover that buyers want all of this information included:

  • Category trends
  • Market opportunity
  • Product differentiation
  • Planogram vignettes and recommendations 
  • Consumer marketing plan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Competitive pricing information

Engaging, effective, strategic presentations begin here

Not only do we have the data access and planogram capabilities in house, we have over three decades of HBW industry expertise to help you craft a dynamic, memorable presentation whether you are trying to introduce a new or existing item, new-to-the-channel product, or a line extension. Let our team collaborate with you to craft a presentation that demonstrates your brand is the right choice for the retailer’s shelf.

Don’t wait – ask us for our unbiased opinion of your presentation and how we can help so you’ll be ready for the most important 20 minutes of your year. Contact us to make your sales efforts as sophisticated as your brand.