Collaborative StrategyYour vision + our expertise = your path to success

What is the most pressing challenge you have in moving your brand forward? Are you having difficulty gaining distribution with drug wholesalers or convincing retail buyers of the potential of your brand? Do consumers truly want what your product offers? Is your messaging on point? No matter where you are in your brand’s journey, a Collaborative Strategy Session is an invigorating, exciting new starting point to refine or begin developing your action plan. Is your company:

  • re-branding or considering re-branding,
  • struggling to connect with retailers, buyers, or consumers,
  • developing a new product or relaunching a product,
  • considering a line extension,
  • experiencing limited distribution or targeting a new channel, or
  • expanding an established overseas product to the U.S.?

Gain the alignment you need to succeed through this immersive day-long strategy session. Unlike consumer-focused marketing firms, HRG has deep knowledge of the HBW marketplace, which means we have top-level experience and unique, competitive insights to offer. We’ll assemble the HRG experts that can offer methods and tactics to help you overcome your obstacles, and you’ll find this motivated team of HBW retail veterans all under one roof, ready to identify unique opportunities and results-oriented actions you can take to help you reach your goals.


If your sales have plateaued and you don’t know where to spend your resources to grow or are struggling to get a foothold with your new product, let’s talk.