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When quality and accuracy matter

A crisp, clear product image is priceless when it comes to showcasing items in marketing pieces and online. An image will grab attention long before a headline will. And pairing the image with package content including features, benefits, use, warnings, ingredients, and more, can be the little bit of extra information that helps a consumer make a purchase decision. ImageBaseTM is HRG’s robust, proprietary database of up-to-date HBW and HHC 2D and 3D product images and package content that gives you access to high quality images, with delivery options based on your needs and use.

Longevity and relationships count

Through the use of quality images and content sourced directly from the package, you can maintain brand integrity across all areas of use. Even though, on average, 40% of HBW items go through a change of some sort every year, you never have to worry about whether you have the most current information or image. We continually update the database to ensure our clients are working with the most recent information. The widespread use of ImageBase across the industry means we’ve earned the respect of suppliers and the rest of the supply chain.

If you want quality, consistency, and accuracy of images and data, you want HRG. Find out how to get started.