ISKeyword HeaderImprove the ease-of-use of your ordering system

Your ordering system is an important conduit for revenue. When your customers can’t easily find what they are looking for, at a minimum they likely get frustrated, at worst you may miss out on sales. Are any of these statements true of your order entry system?

  • If users don’t spell a brand name correctly – no matter how close they come – they won’t find the product
  • Your customers can’t search by a category to see all of the items available
  • Customers can’t enter attributes to find all of the products that might address their patient’s symptoms

Streamline the user experience with Keyword Data

Your ordering system may be falling short if you don’t have the robust data to support user-friendly search functionality. HRG offers a comprehensive data package, Keyword Data, to help improve the search functionality of your ordering system by incorporating alternative terms and misspellings into your data to ensure your customers have multiple ways to find what they are looking for without hassle.

Improve the usability of your ordering system and increase customer satisfaction by incorporating Keyword Data for your HBW products. Find out how to get started.