Fine line classification resized for pageEliminate guessing about what goes where

Retailers and wholesale distributors run their businesses more efficiently and effectively when products are categorized in a standardized system. With items correctly and consistently classified from the warehouse to the store's POS system, in-store data tracking, analytics, reporting, and communications are all accomplished with much greater ease.

Our proprietary Fine Line classification system organizes the vast array of HBW, HHC, GM, and Rx products into categories, subcategories and product types to support these needs. Utilized all along the distribution channel, Fine Lines ultimately improve the overall in-store shopping experience by organizing product types for proper placement at shelf based on where shoppers would look for them.

We established our proprietary Fine Line classification system more than three decades ago and liken it to the Dewey Decimal System for retail healthcare products. Our categorization was quickly adopted by wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers who rely on it to help them improve inventory and ordering systems and reporting, as well as merchandising, space planning, and store layouts.

Fine Lines are reviewed and updated on a semi-annual basis to accommodate consumer market changes, emerging categories and subcategories, and to reflect merchandising trends. We also solicit feedback from our wholesaler and supplier clients to ensure that products are logically placed.

The best part is that we make our Fine Line classification system available to everyone in this industry for free! We even offer a service to help you modify your system to accommodate Fine Lines. Fill out the form below if you’d like a copy of Fine Lines.

Our September 2018 Fine Line update is now available! After you submit your information below, a link to download the Fine Line book will appear.

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