Improve front-end profitability

Properly merchandising and stocking your front-end can make a significant impact on overall store profitability. Managing your inventory is key, but it can be time-consuming to pour over POS reports to pinpoint which items are or aren’t meeting expectations for movement and dollar sales.

TEMPS® Category Manager program customers can also subscribe to Benchmark™ Performance Analysis, a twice-a-year report that is easy to follow and highlights departments and products that need attention. The focus of Benchmark is health and wellness categories, the categories that fuel front-end sales of most pharmacies, and the report is driven by HRG’s exclusive Never Outs® items, which are the top selling items within a subcategory, and should always be on a retailer’s shelves, regardless of department size.

Benchmark Performance Analysis covers five areas: department productivity, private label purchases, new purchases, non-achievers, and under-achievers. The report is a true benchmark for stores because it includes comparisons in each section to like stores with similar categories and total sales nationwide. Each section also highlights actions specifically for the store to improve overall store inventory productivity.

Improve sales where margins matter the most. Let’s talk about how you can improve customer satisfaction, product assortment, and profits.