Data attributes resized for pageThe possibilities are endless

Need data about HBW CPG products? Look no further. Our vast database contains a multitude of item attributes including directions for use, UPCs, product dimensions and images, unit of measure, ingredients, and many other discrete snippets of information. This data can be useful to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and technology providers in many ways. It can be used to improve the shopping experience on an e-commerce site, provide insights about competing products, or populate a pharmacy’s POS system. Our Keyword Data can improve the user’s experience while ordering products from a wholesalers’ online system, Item Setup Standardization Rules establishes nomenclature to improve consistency and efficiency in wholesalers’ internal systems, and our industry standard Fine Lines Classification System helps retailers and wholesalers classify products to improve in-store data tracking, analytics, reporting, and communications, to name a few. Visit our Data Attributes page for more ways our data can help you gain an edge.

What is the question you need answered?

We provide custom data solutions to our clients that deliver answers they need to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. You may need data compiled in a way that we haven’t even thought of yet – and we’re confident we can deliver. The greatest benefit to you is that not only do we provide the information, we can also analyze the data to provide an even more insightful, actionable solution.

You won’t find a list of off-the-shelf data solutions here, because we know “one size fits all” is not realistic when it comes to data assets. Get in touch to learn about the possibilities.