Accurate, reliable data can make all the difference

Whether used to inform and support marketing and sales strategies, facilitate a better shopping experience, improve internal and external system efficiencies, or ease the implementation of fixture resets, accurate, reliable data can help solve a number of business challenges.

We manage a robust HBW product database that includes numerous attributes that can be implemented into your order entry system or e-commerce site. It’s continually monitored and maintained to ensure delivery of the most accurate data available. Attributes include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Descriptive • Dimensional                • Features and Benefits             • Warnings
  • Classification/Taxonomy                  • Images                                       • Ingredients

We also create and maintain databases for our category management and fixture coordination services and can structure one that meets the needs of your project. Our data can serve other functions as well – tell us your challenge and we’ll find a creative way to solve it. Looking for analysis to accompany the data? See what we offer in analytics.

Whether you need data or business intelligence, contact us. Based on your objectives, we’ll assess how our data can provide the solution.