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Set the stage for maximum impact at trade events

Standing out from the crowd at consumer healthcare trade events is important, to say the least. In some ways it’s like an audition, where wholesalers and retailers are assessing your brand’s ability to fit within their product assortments. In other ways, it’s like the opening night of a play, where your brand is in the spotlight. You have to be ready with the right backdrop — your trade show display — and props (your marketing collateral) to earn interest and positive reviews.

Hire the right set designers to best showcase your brand

We make the rounds of the trade events every season, as we have for the past 35+ years. The event names and locations may change, but the necessary preparation remains the same. You need a cohesive and dynamic presence and a solid strategy with all the information available to back why your brand is the one they want. We have access to data to build your rationale, writers to weave the story across pieces, and creative artists who will pull it all together with your branding front and center. Depending on your level of need, we offer three packages to help you put your best foot forward. As regulars at each season’s events and veterans of the retail industry, we’re able to share with you what works and what doesn’t, so you can get the results desired from your trade show investment.

Tell us your goals and we’ll help you determine what you need to accomplish them.