NovaGenesis Packaging

Your retail packaging is the face of your brand

With seconds to capture shoppers’ attention at-shelf, the right packaging can make a big impact on sales. For your brand, it’s the moment of truth.

What makes good packaging? Eye-catching graphics, easily-found benefits, and a straightforward statement of what the product is, for starters. But there’s much more to it than that.

Thinking outside, inside, and beyond the box

Our creative team develops packaging solutions that will engage buyers and attract consumers. Beginning with a thorough competitive analysis of your category’s key players, and using our exclusive industry insights, we’ll craft solutions that are visually pleasing, aligned with your brand strategy, and – most importantly – methodically developed based on research. This approach capitalizes on our in-house category data and resources to ensure the expectations of buyers are met and it will appeal to your target consumers.

From complete rebranding of family lines to package revisions for new-to-market products, our team has tackled a wide range of packaging challenges. We’ll identify the right mix of visual appeal and practical messaging for your product to stand out at shelf.

Your product has one opportunity to make a good first impression at-shelf. Don’t leave it up to chance – work with us to get it right the first time.