An extension of your merchandising team for surge support

There are times throughout the year where you may have more planogramming work than resources available – if you are a retailer it could be before and after a remodel, after an expansion or reduction of space for a department, to accommodate regular seasonal resets, or if you add retail outlets. For brands it could be if you expand your line, introduce or retire a product, have your shelf space expanded or reduced, or due to regular seasonal resets.

Delivering planograms on time is crucial because any period when departments are in disarray or products aren’t on the shelf is a loss of revenue for brands and retailers alike. When you are a category lead, the expectations for response time are high.

What if you had a category management outsourcing partner that could help you when there is a surge of planogram needs that outmatches available internal resources? A partner you could rely on to learn your business rules and store merchandising guidelines to execute planograms to specification by deadline?

Our team of analysts, led by certified project managers, has supported in various capacities the health, beauty, and wellness; natural products; food and beverage; beer, wine, and spirits; general merchandise; and home improvement industries; and can apply their knowledge and skills to new industries as well. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, taking the time to listen and fully understand what you need from our team. Then we follow our proven processes to produce the planograms, including quality control steps to ensure accuracy.

It’s worth a conversation to see if our resources are right for you. Contact us to schedule a no-pressure introductory meeting.