graph laptop pricing analysis info sheet resized for pageData-driven retail pricing strategies

Our accurate, up-to-date pricing data is utilized by many of our drug wholesale partners. Retailers and wholesalers rely on the recommendations of our pricing experts to help them remain competitively priced and portray a professional image. Manufacturers count on us to help them determine a fair MSRP range based on their product’s position in the category and the image they want to build. Our pricing data populates several POS vendor systems used daily in-store. The reality is our retail pricing programs make managing pricing on your own easier.

Retail pricing isn’t just about profit

HRG’s pricing team has access to industry data that they can review alongside your brand strategy to prepare data-driven retail pricing recommendations particular to each channel. If you need to revisit the value your (store or product) brand offers, we can help you find the price that makes the best sense for your positioning with consumers and/or buyers.

Ensure your pricing is aligned with your brand. Get in touch to learn more.