CRA_Analyst resized for pageBeing considered by HRG for independent pharmacy planogram placement

With thousands of health, beauty, and wellness (HBW) products introduced to the market each year, wholesalers and retailers rely on HRG’s data-driven planogram programs to guide better-informed decisions regarding their assortments. We proactively collect information from manufacturers about their current and new-to-market products to forecast which items are poised for success in independent pharmacy. We then share pertinent SKU-level information with retailers and drug wholesalers to provide insights into trends and changes within HBW categories.

HRG product review

Our impartial team of category analysts performs a thorough review of 27 HBW categories according to our annual schedule. As product information is received from manufacturers, it is compiled, combined with category sales data, and objectively analyzed. Analysts then develop their strategy and recommendations for each category utilizing the most up-to-date information available. Distributors and retailers rely on these strategies and recommendations to ensure they are stocking items that have the best chance for success in the independent pharmacy channel.

Interested in scheduling a review meeting or submitting your products? The analyst and their contact information for each category is listed in the New Item Review Schedule.

HRG’s Category and New Item Review Schedule