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An account-specific planogram is an invaluable tool

Retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers can all benefit from using planograms as part of their merchandising toolset. If you are a manufacturer explaining to retail buyers why they should carry your product, a custom planogram illustrates the rationale in a way that words alone can’t. It’s a crucial sales tool. Your product on the shelf, among competitors, shows exactly how you fit into the mix and gives buyers the realistic vision that can best inform their decision. Retailers and wholesalers may need planograms that feature local products, condition-based merchandising, or unique store layouts or assortments. Retailers short on space in the front-end can implement our ShelfPics solution — a customer-friendly display alternative.

Manufacturers can take it a step further and request enhanced planograms versions customized with their branding that are even more visually impactful to help them tell their story to buyers. Some examples of these augmented planograms have included backgrounds that are specific to the store being pitched to help the buyer truly visualize the brand in their stores, to adding fixture detail for a specific representation of how your product line will look its best.

Even if you have in-house planogram capabilities, you may not have adequate resources to handle special or short-term needs. That’s where we come in.

Put proven category management resources to work for you

With individualized collaboration from one of our veteran space planning professionals, you can custom order planograms along with supporting sales materials as needed. Expect up-to-date technological know-how, practical retail knowledge, account-specific strategies, customized supporting reports, and immediate access to current product images of and data about the other products in the category.

Get in touch to arrange a conversation with one of our category analysts.