Optimize your assortment to maximize sales

The right product in the right place with the right price and sufficient promotion is supposed to be a sure seller. Choosing those products and positioning them on shelf so consumers either easily find them or discover them when searching for a solution, is a combination of art and science that takes experience, analytics, and instinct.

We’ve been recommending assortment planning and placement of HBW items to community pharmacies since the company originated in 1980. Through the years, we’ve extended this service to home improvement and convenience stores, as well as ecommerce sites, to name a few. We are well practiced at interpreting raw data and employing our knowledge of the market, channel, trends, and consumer preferences to assemble a profitable assortment with thoughtful shelf placement as well as department adjacencies.

For manufacturers, our assortment planning and placement services can help determine the category, channel, retailers, and/or departments that are best suited for your brand and its success.

Are you a retailer wondering if your product assortment fit your customers’ needs? Are you a manufacturer needing help determining where your product will sell well? We can provide analytics and insights to help you properly position products. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.