Market Research

The right information minimizes risk

Reliable information is critical to making wise decisions about where to spend your resources.

Manufacturers need to have a firm grasp on:

  • consumer perception, shopping habits, and needs;
  • how their product stands up against the competition; and
  • where expansion opportunities exist at distribution.

Retailers must know:

  • who their shoppers are;
  • what assortment appeals to their current and prospective customers; and
  • how to appeal to new customers.

Wholesaler distributors should understand:

  • their customer segments;
  • category performance and subcategory growth drivers; and
  • program gaps.

Information that makes an impact

A spreadsheet of data in its raw form is unrefined, unanalyzed, and ultimately unhelpful because it’s just a compilation of information. Whether you work with us for your consumer or B2B market research needs, we provide the analysis that makes it meaningful and actionable. In addition, we offer 360° Store Assessment and workshops, and custom educational programs that can take analysis several steps further, or can be personalized to your circumstances and tailored to the level of detail you wish to receive.

There are many data providers, but we provide industry-specific intelligence seen through the eyes of our 35+ years in the industry. Contact us to learn more about our market research experience and custom education offering.