How are your brands represented on the shelf?

April 28, 2016By Behind the Shelf Blog, Brand Marketing

by Colleen Volheim

How do you want your brand represented on the shelf? With only 7 seconds to attract attention at shelf, buyers are looking for products with a point of difference; does your packaging stand out in the ocean of products in the retail space today?  For beauty brands presenting a range of products to appeal to the high-end consumer as well as the everyday user, it shows that you are in the market to win at shelf with the consumer.

How are your brand rep on shelf Hair Care - Press Quality

Who is the consumer aspiring to be?

From whitening, to fresh breath, to “I just need toothpaste” — who is your targeted consumer? Do you have your bases covered?

How are your brands rep on shelf ORAL CARE 2016 - Press Quality

Who is the consumer that shops your category or subcategory? Are they looking for a natural product not wanting to expose themselves to unnecessary ingredients?  Or do they have a condition such as acne that requires treatment?  Are they looking to add convenience products to their beauty regimen or perhaps they require sensitive skin care products?

ROI Skin Care2016 -Press Quality

Packaging that clearly conveys benefits and features — especially differentiators — will make their shopping experience more satisfying and ultimately profitable to your bottom line.


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