Lessons from a lucrative housing market

July 25, 2018By Future of Retail, Views

 By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News June 22, 2018Not unlike other communities across America, the Milwaukee metro area where I reside has been experiencing a real estate boom. Homebuyers are over-bidding on the asking prices of homes in the most desirable area of town and sellers barely have time enough to put a sign in the ground … Read More

Dissecting The Shopping Experience: Consumers Are Not Defined By Format

July 16, 2018By Industry Intuition, Views

by Dave Wendland, CommunityVoice for Forbes Agency Council, as appeared on Forbes.com June 13, 2018 I recently had the privilege of presenting to an international audience of consumer packaged goods (CPG) distributors from over 35 countries. My discussion focused on the changing retail landscape and how to effectively navigate today’s consumer shopping experience. As I prepared for this … Read More

Learn From The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Product Launches

June 28, 2018By Industry Intuition, Views

  by Dave Wendland, CommunityVoice for Forbes Agency Council, as appeared on Forbes.com May 24, 2018 Preparing for a brand launch or reintroduction to the market is not for the faint of heart. For more than 25 years, I’ve moderated numerous collaborative strategy sessions with consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers on behalf of our company and have worked with … Read More

Keeping the end in mind

June 21, 2018By Brand Marketing, Views

  By Dave Wendland, as seen in HealthCare Distributor magazine, “Out of the Box” column, November/December 2017 It was Lewis Carroll in the Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass book that said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” I personally like Yogi Berra’s twist on the phrase, “If you … Read More

Rearranging furniture

June 15, 2018By Future of Retail, Views

  by Dave Wendland for Drug Store News May 14, 2018 As spring approaches in Wisconsin — finally — it’s always a great time to renew, refresh, and, for me, rearrange some furniture. There’s something about a “winter arrangement” that keeps my living room chairs situated for cozier and more intimate conversations. However, come spring, I … Read More

Promo strategy can make, break an intro

June 13, 2018By Industry Intuition, Views

  By Megan Moyer as seen in Chain Drug Review, May 4, 2018 For new products, clinching sales hinges on consumer awareness of the brand and its benefits. With so many marketing channels as possible avenues of promotion, brand marketers must optimize budget dollars to reach their target market by choosing the right message for each … Read More

Communication is a game of catch

May 30, 2018By Views

  By Dave Wendland, as seen in HealthCare Distributor magazine, “Out of the Box” column, March/April 2018 One of the lessons (and there are many) from my days as a member of an improvisational comic troupe that continues to have tremendous value in everyday conversation centers on the true art of communication. The experience taught me the … Read More

Newfangled collaboration: part two

April 29, 2018By Future of Retail, Views

  By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News March 28, 2018 I first offered ideas on this topic a little over a year ago and remain passionate about the possibility of unlikely bedfellows creating new shopper experiences. With recent news of relationships between Kohl’s and Aldi, and Kroger and Ace, and recent innovations in the grocery channel … Read More

Meaningful product innovation central to retail growth

April 25, 2018By Industry Intuition, Views

By Jen Johnston, CHHC, as seen in Chain Drug Review, March 19, 2018 New product launches have a notoriously high failure rate. In fact, Nielsen once pegged the failure rate of new consumer packaged goods at a staggering 85%. Launches can come in many forms, including line extensions, such as a new size or flavor within … Read More

What Does ‘Natural’ Really Mean?

April 15, 2018By Industry Intuition, Views

  by Jen Johnston, CHHC,  senior marketing services account manager, as seen in Mass Market Retailer, March 5, 2018 The natural products market is exploding across retail, with conventional channels growing the fastest, according to the “2017 Natural Foods Merchandiser Market Overview.” However, “natural” continues to be a confusing term in the in­dustry. A January … Read More