To thrive today, retailers must be innovative, nimble

July 28, 2019By Industry Intuition, Views

By Jen Johnston, senior marketing services account manager, as seen in Mass Market Retailers The retail landscape is rapidly evolving. Consumer expectations related to technology, novelty, convenience and experience are driving the movement. Those businesses that refuse to innovate are being met with dwindling profits and store closures. However, many stores are taking informed leaps … Read More

The prevalence of “Do It Yourself” health care

July 27, 2019By Future of Retail, Industry Intuition, Views

By Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations, as seen in Chain Drug Review At the same time mindsets have shifted toward taking care of one’s personal health and wellness, the natural space has expanded and a variety of purported “better for you” and “free from” products have emerged in food, health, beauty, wellness and other lifestyle categories. … Read More

Taking the First Step

July 15, 2019By Views

By Dave Wendland, as seen in HealthCare Distributor magazine, “Out of the Box” column, May/June 2019 As I have watched my children grow, my co-workers gain increasing levels of responsibility, and reflected on the number of transitions, changes, and advancements I have made in my own life and career, I have often thought of Dr. Martin Luther King’s … Read More

Reset Reboot

June 16, 2019By Views

by Megan Moyer, senior marketing communications specialist, for Retail Environments  May 23, 2019 While it’s not quite as easy as hitting a reset button, technology can make fixture resets more efficient and less costly. As with any shopper, beauty customers want to be able to find what they’re looking for when they are seeking it. You … Read More

Creativity Begins With Observation

May 8, 2019By Industry Intuition, Views

By Dave Wendland, CommunityVoice for Forbes Agency Council, as appeared on April 8, 2019 As a 30-plus-year veteran in the field of marketing and a forever student, it never ceases to amaze me how simple solutions are often right in front of our noses. Yogi Berra is credited with saying, “You can see a lot just by observing.” Observation … Read More

Consumers demand curated solutions

April 15, 2019By Future of Retail, Views

By Dave Wendland, vice president strategic relations, as seen in Drug Store News As retail undergoes dramatic changes, stores are struggling to figure out how to quickly right the ship. The decline in traffic and rise in e-commerce are putting pressure on traditional brick-and-mortar stores, causing many to adopt a strategy that creates personalized experiences for … Read More

Predictive Analytics For Retail: What Lies Ahead?

March 12, 2019By Future of Retail, Views

By Dave Wendland, CommunityVoice for Forbes Agency Council, as appeared on February 12, 2019 Although I’m not certain that they all were “Robert Wendland originals,” my late father had many witticisms to which I credit him. With impeccable timing, a simple, pithy phrase would be spoken that was not only appropriate for the moment but also stuck … Read More