Hamacher Resource Group’s Upcoming Presentations Aim to Help Retailers and CPG Manufacturers Achieve Growth

August 16, 2017By News


Waukesha, Wisconsin – August 16, 2017 – Dave Wendland, vice president, strategic relations, and member of the owners group for Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG), will speak at the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) Fall Pharmacy Conference, Saturday, August 26th at 8:15 am, and ECRM’s Health Care EPPS, Monday, September 11th at 5:30 pm. At ACA’s Fall Pharmacy Conference, Wendland’s “Enhancing the Bottom Line” session will discuss the five profit levers, ways to impact them to improve profits, how to determine which levers generate the most significant return for the store, and how to link the five of them together in an action plan for success. At the Health Care EPPS, Wendland’s presentation, “Brand Representation,” will help retailers and CPG manufacturers look at bridging the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience to draw customers in and inspire them to stay.

This will be Wendland’s first time speaking at the ACA’s Fall Pharmacy conference. “Engaging with pharmacists directly and getting their firsthand perspective and their idea sharing is something I always look forward to,” stated Wendland. “I hope our knowledge and experience in the channel will inspire owners attending the workshop to look closely at their operations to find the profitability that resides within their store.”

Wendland is not a newcomer to ECRM’s EPPS events attending both as a participant and speaker throughout his 25 years in the industry. “ECRM events provide an excellent opportunity to engage with retailers and manufacturers and encourage a reciprocal dialogue and knowledge share. Ultimately, they have the same goal, and when they work together, they can be much more effective and successful.”