Hamacher Resource Group Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Collect Funds to Aid Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

December 18, 2017By News


Waukesha, Wisconsin – December 18, 2017 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG) has started a GoFundMe campaign, HRG Aid for Guayanilla, Puerto Rico to help raise funds for their trip to Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, January 3-10, 2018, where they plan to work with Mayor Nelson Torres Yordán to support the residents and their rebuilding efforts. The company would like to raise a minimum of $10,000 to make the trip a success.

A core principle of the company has always been giving back to the community, and every year associates are asked to suggest organizations or causes that they have a personal connection to and are passionate about helping. This year, one of the causes HRG raised money for was a community in Puerto Rico. The situation in Puerto Rico touches the HRG family because their valued client, drug wholesaler, Drougeria Betances, is headquartered in Puerto Rico, and also because of an employee’s direct connection.

Nelson Rodriguez, merchandising analyst at HRG, was born in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico and spent 19 years of his life there. Most of his family still lives there. Rodriguez organized fundraising at HRG in October to help his hometown, but as he continued to email updates about the progress of his community, or lack thereof, being made in recovery efforts, associates wanted to continue to help and do even more. Normally this is the time of year that HRG challenges associates to perform random acts of kindness, funded by HRG; but this year those funds are being devoted to helping those in Guayanilla.

Ten HRG associates have volunteered to travel to Guayanilla and stay seven days to aid relief efforts in the area. While HRG is offsetting a portion of the cost of the trip, money raised through the GoFundMe campaign will help the ten associates with travel expenses, as well as provide some much-needed relief items to the community. HRG has already sent health, beauty, and wellness items to the community, but associates would like to raise enough money so they can also provide gifts to local children to help them celebrate the Three Kings holiday on Saturday, January 6th – an important part of Puerto Rican culture and customs.

“While there has been a lot of aid sent to Puerto Rico, the most densely populated areas are addressed first, leaving some of the outlying areas, such as Guayanilla, waiting longer to receive assistance,” said Dawn Vogelsang, president and majority owner at HRG. “Our associates’ enthusiastic interest in going beyond Nelson’s internal fundraising prompted us to think about making a difference more personally and directly. The money raised through the GoFundMe campaign will enable HRG to help many in a variety of ways.”