Hamacher Resource Group Publishes Semiannual Update to its Fine Line Classification System

March 5, 2019By News

Waukesha, Wisconsin – March 5, 2019 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG) has completed its semiannual update of its Fine Line classification system for health, beauty, and wellness (HBW), home health care (HHC), and general merchandise (GM) products with notable adjustments to reflect industry changes. The March 2019 updates include extensive modifications which support the Fine Lines mission of improving the shopping experience, increasing reporting capabilities, and supporting merchandising strategies. Among the categories affected are: Pain Relief, Digestive Health, Health Supports, and Feminine Care.

New segments were developed in each of the aforementioned categories because the number of products being brought to market had increased enough to warrant their own section on shelf and thus a more specific classification to acknowledge the staying power of those products. The segment additions are:

Category New Segment
Pain Relief        Children’s sleeping & calming aids
Digestive Health Digestive enzymes
Health Supports            Kinesiology tapes, supports & supplies
Feminine Care   Menstrual cups
Foot Care 1) Ball of foot inserts and  2) Toe cushioning & protection
Oral Care Night & grind guards

In addition there were description changes for segments in Foot Care, Skin Care, and Home Health Care.

HRG’s team of analysts continually reviews the Fine Line classification system to determine whether modifications are necessary based on consumer market changes, emerging categories and subcategories, or to reflect merchandising trends. The Fine Line system classifies HBW, HHC, and GM products into categories, subcategories, and product segments and is used throughout the supply chain in the retail pharmacy industry. Categories are organized by 2-, 3-, and 4-digit fine lines by HRG’s team of analysts to offer more refined reporting capabilities, facilitate analysis of product performance, and to segment the placement of products.

HRG releases updates to Fine Lines twice a year, in March and September. Updates to the HRG Fine Line system may consist of description changes, re-categorization of items, and additions or deletions of categories and/or subcategories. Download Fine Lines, or to learn more about HRG’s industry-standard Fine Line classification system, contact HRG client services at 800.888.0889 or info@hamacher.com.