Hamacher Resource Group Provides Training for Smith Drug Company’s Retail Service Specialists

June 14, 2016By News


Waukesha, Wisconsin – June 14, 2016 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG) recently completed training of their client, Smith Drug Company’s, retail service specialists on how to conduct HRG’s 360° Store Assessment of independent pharmacies. Smith Drug Company approached HRG to put together the training program to help the specialists provide a fresh and professional perspective on current pharmacy client operations, and identify opportunities for consumer experience enhancement, competitive differentiation, and improved store operational practices.

Over two days, HRG covered the factors pivotal to the success of independent pharmacies based on assessments they’ve conducted over the years. Smith Drug Company specialists were given HRG’s 360° Store Assessment workbook which walks through the factors to evaluate and determine where there may be room for improvement or change. Additionally, the specialists were divided into groups and visited independent pharmacies to conduct 360° Assessments and present their recommendations after evaluation. Each specialist was given a certificate of completion to acknowledge their efforts.

“Smith Drug Company is investing more and more in our customers to make business better for pharmacy. This engagement with HRG will do just that by further enhancing our retail services and allowing independent pharmacies to maximize sales and profit in their front-of-store business,” said Jeff Foreman, RPh, president of Smith Drug Company.

Brian Purscell, RPh, Smith Drug Company senior vice president, pharmacy solutions, said, “I wanted to expand the knowledge and capabilities of our team so that they can be an even more valuable resource to our customers. I knew HRG would be able to offer insights that would help even our most experienced veterans. I’m very pleased with the training. It was a great event and I received very positive feedback. The team is energized and looking forward to applying what they learned out in the field.”

Foreman continued, “This newly invigorated service is an important component of the HealthWise Pharmacy – Consulting Services solution which is designed to help our independent retail pharmacy customers grow their business.”

Tom Boyer, HRG’s director of national accounts and member of the owners group, said, “Smith Drug Company is a long-time client and we appreciate being invited to share our expertise in the independent pharmacy market to help them augment the value they deliver to their stores.”

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