Hamacher Resource Group Offers New Means for Natural Brands to Reach Independent Pharmacies

February 21, 2018By News


Waukesha, Wisconsin – February 21, 2018 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG) is introducing new publications within its IN.depth Independent Pharmacy Communications family, IN.depth Natural Spotlight and IN.depth Natural Product Sampler. Two issues of IN.depth Natural Spotlight, in May and November, and an IN.depth Natural Product Sampler in July will accompany the regular IN.depth issue scheduled for that month. The issues are sent to HRG’s list of 10,000 independent pharmacies. “Based on the continued interest we’ve heard among independents, and having seen the ever-growing number of natural products introduced in the health, beauty, and wellness segment in the past few years, we determined a publication dedicated to these in-demand items would be mutually beneficial for our supplier clients as well as independent pharmacies,” said Cari Sass, director of marketing at HRG.

“At Natural Products Expo West last year, we saw countless brands that would be a great fit for the independent pharmacy channel,” stated Angela Pinkstaff, HRG director of business development. “Independents are an ideal outlet for natural products due to their high standards of personalized service and flexibility to bring in items that will meet their patients’ needs. For the pharmacy, a natural brand’s unique features can offer them a niche and provide a competitive advantage over local competition. There are numerous benefits to be gained by independents who proactively pursue adding these types of products to their front-end assortment.”

While each IN.depth issue contains tips, ideas, and information helpful for pharmacies to use to improve their business, articles in IN.depth Natural issues will also help educate pharmacists and their staff on consumer-driven concepts such as organic, non-GMO, transparency, social responsibility, free from, clean label, lifestyle diets, and what values-based shopping means for their pharmacy. In addition, pharmacists will be able to read HRG’s blog series, “Step into Natural,” for further details on each topic.

Pinkstaff continued, “We’ve worked with many natural and organic brands, but we are now seeing consumer interest is at an all-time high, and it will continue to accelerate. The independent pharmacy channel is well-suited to feature these brands and we can help facilitate that.”

Natural product manufacturers that want to learn more about IN.depth Natural can visit HRG’s website for more information and to download the media kit.