Hamacher Resource Group Celebrates Wendland’s 25 Years with the Company

February 7, 2017By News


Waukesha, Wisconsin – February 7, 2017 – Hamacher Resource Group, Inc., (HRG), is celebrating Dave Wendland’s 25 years with the company. Wendland is the vice president, strategic relations and a member of the owners group. He is the primary liaison to trade associations, industry publications, and alliance partners. Wendland assists the business development team, adding his insights and expertise to offer clients strategic solutions, and provides input to HRG’s corporate marketing and public relations efforts. As an owner and member of the senior leadership team, he helps establish the company’s vision and encourages its continuing innovation and evolution.

Wendland represents HRG at multiple events every year, frequently leading Continuing Education (CE) sessions, moderating panels, and presenting sessions at distributor, retailer, and association conferences. He conducts training for clients on a wide range of topics. He has served on committees and the board of directors for preeminent industry associations and is often sought by trade publications for comments or an interview for articles and reports.

Dawn Vogelsang, president and leader of the owners group, said, “Dave is well-respected in our industry and known for his quick wit and visionary thinking. He is an excellent resource for our customers because of his deep and broad retail knowledge that spans the supply chain and beyond.”

Vogelsang continued, “We’re fortunate and proud to reach a milestone of having close to 20% of our associates who have provided 20 or more years of service to HRG, including the majority of our owner’s team. That depth of expertise is extraordinary and is a great benefit for our clients. As a senior leader, Dave has helped establish our culture, which is key to associate retention as well as long-standing client and industry association relationships. He’s been essential to our company’s success.”

Wendland was initially hired to expand marketing outreach to and develop new business opportunities with HRG’s primary customer base at that time: regional distributors. Throughout his years with HRG, Wendland has contributed to its growth in a variety of ways. He was involved in HRG’s entry into the United Kingdom, as well as the expansion of services to serve more of the consumer healthcare at retail industry, including health, beauty, and wellness manufacturers, community pharmacies, and industry associations.

Wendland reflected, “My father taught me about innovative thinking, just one of his valuable lessons I rely on to this day. I strive to employ that strategy when helping our clients on their paths to success and growth, as well as in our planning for HRG. I still truly enjoy engaging and connecting with the variety of leaders and pacesetters in the retail world in addition to those new to the market that visit us at HRG every month. I’m eager to witness and be a part of the continued evolution of our primary industry, our company, and the talented team I am fortunate to be surrounded by each and every day.”