Hamacher Resource Group Celebrates Three Marking Twenty-five Years with the Company

March 5, 2015By News

March 5, 2015 — Hamacher Resource Group, Inc. (HRG), honored three employees that are celebrating 25 years with the company. Employees Julie Bonnell, director of operations and part of the owners group; Donna Boulieu, senior product & pricing analyst; and Brian Ellison, lead programmer/analyst; were given a joint anniversary party by the company to honor their years of service and dedication.

Donna Boulieu, Brian Ellison and Julie Bonnell
Donna Boulieu, Brian Ellison and Julie Bonnell

Bonnell and Boulieu have worked in various roles in multiple departments since they started at the company, while Ellison’s role has evolved in HRG’s IT department. When Bonnell joined HRG she managed the print production and purchasing based on her background in graphic design. Currently, she directs and guides the category and product research & analysis, data assets, and visual assets teams. Bonnell manages a number of key client relationships and also lends her expertise to the business development team during the sales cycle. In addition, she leads product development strategy for the operations teams.

Boulieu was hired as part of a team writing a pharmacy staff training program and developing an Rx pricing program. Now a member of the product research and analysis team, her expertise is put to use developing wholesaler pricing programs and customized pricing solutions. Boulieu is also responsible for maintaining HRG’s Fine Line system, including leading the bi-annual assessment of updates and changes.

Ellison has a pivotal role as the IBM I series lead programmer/analyst, maintaining the system that houses HRG’s internally developed programs required for processing the company’s monthly production of independent pharmacy materials. He was instrumental in the implementation and configuration of the printing software used to manage HRG’s production printing capabilities and his expertise with the software keeps internal processes running smoothly every month.

HRG is deep with experience throughout the company. The combined experience of the seven owners alone totals an impressive 117 years. “We’ve celebrated many of these associate 25-year milestones in the last few years and it’s an exceptional accomplishment,” said Dawn Vogelsang, HRG president and leader of the owners group. “To have a team this dedicated with this level of expertise is a great point of differentiation for us.”


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