Let’s get relevant

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By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News August 24, 2018 Are you seeing what I’m seeing? An increasing number of boarded up buildings, store closing signs, and empty retail storefronts and commercial real estate. Is it true? Is brick-and-mortar really dying and are we all destined to shop online and have items delivered to our home, our […]

Putting on a Retail Performance — Every Day

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By Dave Wendland, as seen in HealthCare Distributor magazine, “Out of the Box” column, July/August 2018 My teenage daughter is part of a competitive dance team which means there are many rehearsals, costumes, make-up purchases, road trips, and occasional drama. She and her team’s preparation for big events and the judging that surrounds it made me think about […]

Lessons from a lucrative housing market

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By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News June 22, 2018 Not unlike other communities across America, the Milwaukee metro area where I reside has been experiencing a real estate boom. Homebuyers are over-bidding on the asking prices of homes in the most desirable area of town and sellers barely have time enough to put a sign in […]

Rearranging furniture

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by Dave Wendland for Drug Store News May 14, 2018 As spring approaches in Wisconsin — finally — it’s always a great time to renew, refresh, and, for me, rearrange some furniture. There’s something about a “winter arrangement” that keeps my living room chairs situated for cozier and more intimate conversations. However, come spring, I look […]

Newfangled collaboration: part two

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By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News March 28, 2018 I first offered ideas on this topic a little over a year ago and remain passionate about the possibility of unlikely bedfellows creating new shopper experiences. With recent news of relationships between Kohl’s and Aldi, and Kroger and Ace, and recent innovations in the grocery channel — […]

I’ll buy more, just give me a roadmap!

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by Jen Johnston, CHHC, senior marketing services account manager  There are some people who love to shop. They love the thrill of the find and relish building their own clever solutions, whether it’s their wardrobe or home furnishings. They have the time for this and trust in their ability to put together meaningful combinations. I am […]

Dressed for the future

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By Dave Wendland for Drug Store News November 6, 2017 This week I was reminded by my two great nieces that we need to be setting goals and looking into the future. Living in the present or only perpetuating the status quo will not fuel growth and reinvention. When you look in the near and not-so-near future, […]

Resolution: Plan for and embrace change

By Brittany Benson, lean project and research specialist, for the Resolutions blog series It’s hard to find industry articles that don’t talk about how retail is changing or needs to change. I read Seth Mendelson’s recent Editor’s note about his journey (he’s Drug Store News’ new associate publisher/editor in chief), and I thought he had very encouraging […]

Natural products, value-based shopping gaining traction

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By Jen Johnston as seen in Chain Drug Review, August 21, 2017 Consumer affinity for natural products has quickly extended beyond food and beverages into over-the-counter and personal care products. According to Kline Group, the U.S. market for natural personal care products has grown over 7% recently, while the U.S. market for natural O-T-C medicines has […]

Make shoppers’ online experience as close as possible to being in store

From the desk of Julie Massey, visual assets manager When it comes to beauty products – specifically cosmetics and nail care – there’s a different standard for effectively photographing them so the online experience comes as close as possible to the in-store. Because cosmetics are applied to prominent and delicate features, it’s important for most users […]